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Td Credit Cardholder Agreement For Rental Exclusions

The primary cardholder, his/her spouse and dependent children, as well as any other person authorized by the primary cardholder to use the credit card, are entitled to the benefits of this insurance. A dependent child must travel either with you or with your spouse to be eligible. If your rental vehicle is damaged or stolen while it is being rented on your behalf, you are up to the actual current value of the vehicle, plus the valid loss of use fee (fee paid to the rental agency to compensate that the rented vehicle is not available for rental during the repair). The full amount of the transit fare or car rental must be paid with your TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite credit card and/or TD Points to qualify for these benefits. If you, your spouse or dependent child suffer any of the following losses, if you are in a common carrier or rental car or if you are at the airport, terminal or train station at the beginning/end of your trip, you are entitled to the corresponding benefit. The maximum power to pay for a car rental accident is a total of 2000,000 $US. In addition, benefits are only paid if the car has not been rented for more than 48 consecutive days. In addition, if your trip is unexpectedly cancelled due to any of the covered causes of interruption, you will be reimbursed for the smallest of: Items lost or damaged due to any of the following causes are excluded from coverage: this coverage does not include losses resulting in any way: Coverage does not extend to the loss or damage of: You will be reimbursed for any unused land arrangements that were part of your trip, which were paid in advance and non-refundable. . All documents must be completed and returned to the claims manager, indicating that this insurance plan doubles the duration of the item manufacturer`s guaranteed coverage or extends it by one year, whichever is lower. .

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