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Subtenant Lease Agreement

In California, for example, the tenant has 21 days to return a deposit after the subtenant leaves. The deposit can be used to cover the costs of repairing damage, unpaid rent and cleaning the appliance. It cannot be used for minor damage due to normal wear and tear. In order to avoid any dispute with your tenant about late rent, any charges or who is responsible, let them continue to pay the rent and they can take responsibility for tracking their subtenant`s payments. Another way to achieve this goal without subletting is to allow the tenant to break their lease. List the landlord`s tenant as a subtenant in the empty line called „sublet.“ This line must be filled in with each tenant`s full name in the original rental agreement. Enter the start and end date of the rental. This can be a duration of time tension such that it is not longer than the lifetime contained in the original (master). If a tenant is referring to you for subletting, you can encourage them to „buy“ their lease with an early termination option.

For example, you can ask for 60 days` notice and a fee of 1 to 2 months` rent. Some national and local laws allow you to sublet a property you rent, even if this is expressly prohibited in your rental agreement. However, in other countries, a lessor may distribute or even sue the subtenant if he has not obtained permission to sublet. Always check the laws near you. If the original lease agreement between the landlord or lessor and the subtenant has been attached to this document, each signature must verify it and start one of the empty lines with the label „Original Lease Attached (Initial)“.

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